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Our RH Home

Salvaged Wood Extension Dining Table

We chose the 72" extended dining table. Without the leaves in it, it can seat 6 people comfortably. With the leaves, the table extends to 102" and can seat 10 people. We chose this table because when our family comes to visit we can all sit down together at the table for dinner. And if we have have the treat of both of our families visiting at the same time, we'll definitely have room for everyone around the table! We will have to order more chairs though lol.

Vintage French Round Fabric Side Chair

Vintage French Round Armchair

Vintage French Round Bar Stool

These dining chairs just really bring my french country dreams to life. We went with the Grey Oak and Perennials Performance Fabric in Natural (which happens to be the same fabric we chose for our living room furniture, so everything ties in really nicely.)

Salvaged Wood Coffee Table

Our coffee table is from the same collection as our dining room table. We originally chose the same color (Salvaged Grey) as our dining room table, but eventually exchanged it for a color (Salvaged Coffee) that is similar to our French Casement Media Console.

French Casement 100" Media Console

We have the 100" French Casement under our TV in our living room. My ONLY complaint is that Jeff loves to turn the volume and bass up really loud on our home theater system so the glass rattles. Our console is in Brown Oak Drift Wood.

Maxwell Sofa

We chose the maxwell sofa because it is similar to the famous Cloud Sofa but it has quite a bit more structure to it. We're not having to fluff our cushions all day long. Which, isn't really something that you would think about, but we had a knock off version of the cloud couch and it was quite a nightmare having to CONSTANTLY fluff the cushions. The finish we chose is Brown Oak with the Perennials Performance Fabric in Natural.

Maxwell Swivel Chair

We chose the Maxwell Swivel Chair (1) because it matches our couch, and (2) because it swivels.

Carolina 71" Console Table

We ordered this Perigold console table through Birchlane for an entryway table. It was shipped in two seperate boxes that didn't arrive together so we ended up with three for the price of one lol. We actually have an extra top and bottom piece (no legs) for a forth table!! We're using our tables as an entryway table, our bar in our dining room, and as a media table in one of our guest rooms!

To view dupes and similar items to the ones I've linked here, check out my like to know it page!

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