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14 Things I Bought Off Amazon During the Coronavirus Quarantine

I think we can all agree, our online shopping has gotten a little out of control.. okay, well maybe it’s only my husband who thinks that. I think I’ve had a package delivered almost every day of this quarantine. My husband asked me the other day after package number 239483957 was delivered “Babe, what the hell do you keep buying?” Honestly honey, I have no idea lol!

However, I have listed my top 14 things I’ve bought off of amazon. These are things that I would 100% buy again. (and yes, I’ve actually purchased these things and have used them!)

This is one of my FAV tops. I live in long sleeve shirts year-round and this one is slightly oversized, and the waffle knit makes it nice and breezy. Perfect for summer!

Okay, if you don’t have a Makeup Eraser, what the hell are you doing? I was SUPER skeptical of this product at first. I was a hardcore Neutrogena makeup wipe girl until I tried this. I know many of us probably aren’t wearing much makeup with working from home, but I’m telling y’all… you need to get this.

I have two.

I have a really bad nervous habit of picking my gel polish off my nails. Having this at home allows me to fix my nails without having to make an appointment to go to the salon. It’s been saving me money big time. I used to go every two weeks to get my nails done. I know salons are opening back up but I’m definitely a DIY girl now and will only be going to the salon to treat myself.

Polish and bond to go with the nail lamp. Pretty self-explanatory here. I’m a big fan of nude and pink polish.

My husband ran over my phone charger with the vacuum a while back and tore it all up. I really needed a new one then, but I let the think really poop out on me before I bought a new one. I love that this is a multi-pack because I can have one by my bed and one by the couch and one in my book bag… and somehow they still go missing…. I’m gonna blame my husband for that one too, lol.

Working out from home? Resistance bands are a MUST. My trainer (@alygray_fitness on IG) uses bands in like all of her at home work outs (that she LIVE STREAMS FOR FREE ON IG YALL), so obviously I needed some.

More resistance bands. We like variety around here. And Pink.

I am a HUGE night gown girl. The only time I sleep in shorts and a shirt is if all of my night gowns are dirty (I only do laundry when I run out of clean underwear, oops). These are by far the SOFTEST nightgowns I own. Everyone needs these nightgowns.

One of my girlfriends (@morganrush) posted about this squeegee thing on her IG. #influenced. My dogs shed like crazy, but also, so do I. She used hers on her white couch to get up her black dog’s hair. Works really well on carpet too.

Okay, this is another one of those #influenced products. All the big shot bloggers were raving about the Revlon one, but I was skeptical. I finally broke down and got this Hot Tools one. I have pretty thick hair, so if you’re like me, I highly recommend mostly blow-drying your hair first and then use this to finish. I definitely saw and felt a noticeable difference at my roots.

My pride and joy Hot Tools NexGen Extended Barrel curling iron broke on me a while back and honestly, my curls haven’t been the same. I think I’ve tried like 5 or 6 different curling irons and they just weren’t cutting it. I’ve been on the hunt for an extended barrel for what feels like a really long time. This one was recommended to me, and I’m so glad because its everything I’ve been looking for in a curling iron!

Why is there Men’s hair dye on this list? No, I didn’t box dye my husband’s hair. Nor my own. I used this to dye my eyebrows. I have really light eyebrow hair and I asked twitter and my esthetician what I should do about it, and everyone recommend this product. I squeezed some into a small lid I had lying around and used and old eyeliner angled brush to apply it. I probably could have gone one shade darker, but I was really nervous for my first try.

If you’re not wearing blue light blocking glasses, you’re doing this whole “work from home” thing wrong. I got my first pair from target and used them during school, but I would just throw them in my backpack, and they got all scratched up. These are way cuter, and I think they work so much better than my target ones!!

I’ve only had one pair of house shoes that I’ve liked and its these. They’re super plush and provide a lot of support. Also, the fuzziness doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the slipper, it has a rubber bottom, so they don’t get messed up when walking outside with them on! Love that!

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