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Packing List for Infants

Well, we survived our first weekend traveling and staying in a hotel with an infant! We were invited to attend the wedding of Jeff’s roommate, Erich, from when he first moved to Houston. The event was supposed to be a kid free event, but our Gracie (Danielle’s mom) got sick and couldn’t watch Winston like we had planned, so we had to take him with us. This was our first time staying in a hotel with him, so Danielle posted a question box on her Instagram (@life_with_dw) and asked for recommendations on what to pack, and boy did y’all come through with some amazing recommendations!

Besides the obvious diapers, wipes, clothes, and bottles, here is what we packed for Winston: (if you purchase anything using the links here, we do receive a very small commission)

  • Noise machine. We use the Hatch. You can control it from an app on your phone. We love it.

  • Dock a tot. We use ours for daytime naps. (it fits perfectly in a large Away suitcase, if you need an excuse for new luggage!)

  • Crib / pack n play sheet. Hotel sheets are nasty anyways.

  • Bottle brush & bottle soap. I wish we would’ve had this travel set that comes with a drying rack, but the brush we use at home along with a hand towel to dry worked out just fine.

  • Baby bath things. We use noodle and boo products. We weren’t going to bring bath products for Winston, but we are SO GLAD we did. He ended up having a MAJOR blow out and desperately needed a bath.

  • Distilled water for bottles. At home we have an RO filtration system and we use that.

  • Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. Winston LOVES this chair. It folds up really easily too.

  • Winston’s wedge pillow and lounger. Winston has GERD and the wedge pillow helps relieve some of that pain for him when he sleeps. The lounger keeps him from sliding around/ down the wedge pillow.

  • Lucile the Seal. Winston loves Warmies. We have a few, but his favorite is the seal (we named her Lucile). Sometimes we heat them up, sometimes we just use them for comfort!

  • Pump bag. Danielle uses this bag to carry both her Spectra pump as well as her Willow pumps. It holds all the parts.

  • Cooler bag. We use a cooler bag to transport bottles and breast milk.

  • Ziplock baggies. Put the ice in the baggies and then put them in your cooler bag. Thank us later.

  • Doggie poop bags. We use these to put the dirty diapers in so we’re not stinkin’ up our hotel room.

  • Changing pad. Our diaper bag came with one but if you don’t have one, this one looks great!

Some people suggested the following:

  • Pack n play black out cover. Winston doesn’t need it to be pitch black to sleep, so we don’t have one of these.

  • Large Binder clips. Sometimes the blackout curtains don’t close all the way in hotels. You can use these to keep the curtains closed

  • A baby bathtub. We ended up just holding Winston in the bathtub with us when we gave him a bath.

  • Monitor. We use the Nanit at home and we love it. However, you have to set it up using wifi so we ended up not using it on our trip. We suggest getting one designated for traveling.

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