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If you’re still following us on our journey, which you all better be, we are now on our final day in London and quite possibly, our favorite day spent here! We had two major activities planned and both were absolutely spectacular: a photoshoot/walking tour of London and tickets to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to see the show Wicked.


Today, instead of boring with you details of our non-stop eating and bar hopping, we’ll focus on these two activities alone. Why? Because we think you should highly consider at least the photoshoot tour. So, with that being said, let's start with that.

We actually found this photographer on Airbnb and he’s incredibly talented and the photoshoot was a hell of a lot more fun than we ever anticipated. First off, the photoshoot was ridiculously reasonable--- it was $235 USD for the both of us. We did overlook one detail (and were a little nervous about it), this was actually a guided GROUP photoshoot. First thoughts: What the hell? How did we overlook this? Secondly, this is going to be awkward. Luckily, it was far from being uncomfortable or awkward. Upon meeting with our photographer, Hadi, we met with two people our age--- Tati from Australia, and Adam from California, both were super cool and we’re still friends on social media to this day of course. Back to the photographer though--- he basically has his photoshoot experience down to a science, the other’s taking part in it actually just serve as “babysitters” of the other’s belongings while they’re getting their photos taken. For example, we would have the two others in our group watch our backpacks and personal belonging while Hadi captures special moments of just us two. It was actually really well planned and thought out, we never had the others in the group around staring at us being photographed or vice-versa, so there was still that personal touch. Anyway, we’re huge fans of this experience because of not only the professionalism of the photographer, but you get to make new friends, and Hadi actually taught all of us how to shoot better photos with our iPhones (which if you’re anything like us, we typically shoot our travel photos using our phones--- way more convenient right?). Here’s a link to Hadi’s website should you find yourself in London ( Keep in mind, we are no way paid for making any recommendations, we just want to share with you a great deal when we come across one! You don’t have to take our word for it though, we’ve included several photos from the shoot below!


The photoshoot lasted from 9:30AM-12:30PM and then we headed over to a market that a random guy we met at that art bar in Windsor recommended--- the Camden market. If you’re into super hipster-ish scenes, this place is absolutely for you. The Camden market is among the oldest in London and Camden is definitely a must-see part of London. As far as the market goes, we weren’t huge fans. There are a few food vendors that are separated in “alleys.” For example, there’s an alley where it’s all Asian food, Italian food, etc. We shared some Asian food and a Polish hotdog for lunch. It was an underwhelming experience, to say the least. Don’t let this deter you from visiting Camden though! Everyone is different… this was just our take. However, the Camden Market didn’t entirely disappoint--- we visited the brewery up above the market (it’s in the main part) and it served our favorite vodka! This vodka is a bison-grass vodka and is DELICIOUS with apple juice… not that cheap stuff, you MUST use unfiltered and unsweetened apple juice (Don’t judge, just try it!). You’re probably thinking, what the hell is bison grass vodka? I would be thinking the same. Essentially, the vodka is infused with this type of grass that gives it its’ uniquely refreshing and smooth taste profile. This will taste oddly similar to a cider.  Anyway, for your research, the name of the vodka is Zubrowka.


After we enjoyed our cocktail, we were ready to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre! Neither one of us had seen Wicked, in fact, when the musical first came out, Catherine was visiting NYC and the tickets to the show were sold out for MONTHS! We won’t get into specifics on the experience of the show; as we don’t want to spoil it for anyone. However, we will say, just like when visiting New York City, you must attend a Broadway show in London. Trust us, the theatres are all amazing and the variety of shows offered in London is outstanding. Once the show was over, we were ready to head back to our place to rest up and venture off to the city of love--- Paris!

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