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We got off to an early start and began walking around Piccadilly on search for the perfect breakfast spot and did we find the perfect spot. We stumbled across this beautiful European restaurant that’s well known as a perfect afternoon tea spot, The Wolseley. Of course, we had to try the tea (which was delicious as anticipated) and what do you think we ordered for breakfast? Yup, we’re creatures of habit and once again ordered the full-English breakfast. We like what we like! Anyway, the atmosphere here was definitely “hustle and bustle” and it felt very lively with many in business attire. We didn’t feel out of place in more casual clothes though. The prices here were reasonable considering the location and should definitely be a place you at least grab a warm cup of tea at!


After breakfast, we had two main attractions on our agenda: Buckingham Palace for “the changing of guard” and the Churchill War Rooms.  Honestly, we were a bit disappointed because we wanted to tour the Buckingham Palace state rooms, but completely forgot that the tours only run during select months. If you’re wanting to visit this year and partake in the state rooms tour, Buckingham Palace will be open to the public for tours July 25th- October 4th. Since we missed out on this, we wanted to at least do the next best thing… witness “the changing of guard.” We highly recommend this experience! This event brings quite the crowed and you have to make sure you get there early to settle yourself into the perfect spot. FYI--- you don’t want to line up with the rest of the tourists at the gated entrance or to the sides (trust us, you’ll see everyone congregating there, but the best vantage point is actually directly across the gate (you’ll see a little square with a statue.. this is the primetime spot and all those “in the know” will be congregating here instead). All in all, this spectacle was well worth the wait and will forever be a memory of ours from London!


After we watched the changing of the guards, we headed off towards the Churchill War Rooms Museum. The route we took had us walk along a really scenic and pretty park area. With it being November, the trees had their amber colored leaves strewn across the grass and made the season of “Autumn” even more apparent. The best part was the fact that the abundance of leaves led us to try and take one of those “boomerang” Instagram videos throwing them in the air. Let’s just say the videos didn’t turn out as expected and we looked ridiculous in the meantime (that’s the fun of it though right!?).


Upon arrival of the Churchill War Rooms we opted for the self-guided tour and set off on our way. The museum is MASSIVE. We don’t want to spoil the experience, but you’re exploring the secret underground operating center for Churchill and his staff during WWII and if you’re a history buff at all, this will definitely meet your expectations. The entire museum could take 2 hours to properly take everything in, but we were able to breeze through it in about an hour. Why the hurry? Well, at this point were starved. We enjoyed craft ales and homemade pies (stuffed with various savory ingredients—chicken, steak, lamb & mushroom… you get the point) at Fullers Ale & Pie House which is located above The Red Lion. Wow was this quite the treat! They serve drool worthy pie options and the best part… they brew their own ales and have a selection any honest beer drinker can appreciate. We shared halloumi fries and two mini pies: the traditional East End minced beef and onion, and the Steak & Fuller’s London pride.


Okay, now filled up and satisfied, we ventured off to find a spot for a nice cocktail and to get Jeff’s beard properly trimmed (we have something special planned for our last day in London). On our walk to the barber, we found another Mr. Fogg’s: Mr. Fogg’s Tavern. Definitely a more masculine vibe than the Mr. Fogg’s Botanicals we went to our first night in London.  We ordered a drink by the name of “a punch in the coconuts” and this drink was damn good! 100% a punch in the coconuts.  Anyway, Mr. Fogg’s has a handful of bars throughout London, all with different themes!


After Jeff got his beard trimmed at Paul Mall Barbers, it was time for dinner at the one restaurant we actually made reservations to--- Rules. Rules is one of those restaurants that everyone should be required to dine in at while in London. Convenient for us, it just so happened to be around the corner from our place in Covent Garden. After checking in for our reservation, we were escorted upstairs to their private green house to enjoy a cocktail while we waited to be seated at our table. Catherine enjoyed the Duchess of Cambridge, which was pink pepper gin, Grey Goose Vodka, Lillete & petal powder and Jeff had an Old Fashion.

Rules is a high-end steak house with some of the best food and wine anyone could ask for. We each ordered the Braised Featherblade Steak and shared the Bread and Butter Pudding for dessert. Have we had better steak? Of course, we’re from Texas; but this place will satisfy even the proud “steak-snob.”


Last but not least, we saved the best for last… drinks at the Instagram-famous bar, Sketch. All we can say is, holy shit, this place was hands down the most unique and bad ass bar concept we’ve been. We’re not just saying that. The place is massive and divided by “themed rooms.” You’ve more than likely stumbled across a picture of people frequenting the “pink-glitzy room”, or you’ve seen a photo of their bathroom “pods”. There is no men’s room or ladies’ room. Just pods. We of course, ordered a cocktail. When served our cocktails, we noticed a phone number on the cocktail napkins… it’s the phone number to Sketch haha!

At this point in the evening, we’re full, feeling great from our drinks, and ready to call it a night. After all, we need sleep for our last and final day in London tomorrow. Until next time y’all!

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